The software complex “Wave geometry” is intended for research in the field of acoustics and electrodynamics, as well as for demonstration of wave phenomena and processes in simple and complex systems of wave-forming sources.

The complex provides ample opportunities for the researcher to visualize the studied processes and obtain accurate parametric data.

The program is based on the Euclidean geometry, in which the missing axiom missed by Euclid is added to the known axioms: the axiom of the base presence (the axiom of the base). At its core, this axiom is a substrate (carrier) for displaying points, lines, shapes in both “frozen” and kinematic form.

Without carrier for builds (base), there is no way to display anything. The carrier can be one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and imaginary. The carrier is always motionless in relation to the external observer and it is an absolute frame of reference.

Mathematical apparatus for the calculation and display of what is happening on the screen are algebra and trigonometry.