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Test Results

In 2017-2018, the first experiments on Aether navigation were conducted. During the experiments, an interferometer of an unusual design was used, developed personally by our CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) Dr. Ivanov DSc, according to his theoretical model. The interferometer showed extremely interesting results in acceleration and deceleration mode (the experiments were carried out in one of the high-speed subway cars).

In experiments in a subway car, it was registered that when the subway car set the speed, the interference fringes began to shift and remained in a new position. As the subway car began to slow down, the fringes began to shift back to their original position.

At the same time, when the subway car changed the direction of movement, the rate of displacement of the interference fringes also changed. Which means, a clear pattern of displacement of interference fringes from changes in the speed and direction of movement of the subway car was registered.

In 2023, a more savvy type of interferometer was developed, which demonstrated the displacement of interference fringes without acceleration and deceleration mode, in a static position. This device showed clearer dependences of the displacement of the interference fringes on the speed and direction of movement.

From 2017 to 2023, a large number of experiments were conducted with interferometers of various designs, which are the AESPACE company’s know-how and a trade secret. During the experiments, a clear dependence of the displacement of the interference fringes on the speed and direction of movement of the interferometer was revealed. 

Just below you can see graphs and diagrams that are not a trade secret and were created based on the processing of experimental data, as well as photos and videos of some experiments.

Experimental schemes and graphs

Video of experiments with two different types of interferometers

Photo of one of the interferometers using in the experiments