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The scientific basis of technology


Our scientific model assumes that there is a certain material medium that is the bearer of all electromagnetic waves, including light. Physicists of the 19th century called this medium the luminiferous Aether or the Aether medium. We used to call it the wave medium. Until now, there have been no experiments in physics that either 100% confirmed the existence of Aether medium, or 100% denied the existence of Aether medium. That is, the question of the existence of an Aether medium still remains open and unfinished.

It is precisely because the issue with the Aether medium was not resolved – Albert Einstein’s General relativity theory and Special relativity theory appeared. Nevertheless, if we delve into history, we will see that researchers of Ancient Greece, such as Plato, Anaxagoras, Aristotle, Thales of Miletus, began to talk about Aether. Much later, a detailed theory of the Aether medium was developed by Rene Descartes. Later, the theory of the Aether medium was developed by the founder of wave optics, Christiaan Huygens.

Even Isaac Newton, who leaned more towards the emission theory, theoretically admitted that the Aether medium also participates in the effects of diffraction and interference. Subsequently, Isaac Newton coined the term “Absolute space and time”, which in fact became in some way the equivalent of a stationary Aether medium relative to which absolute velocity of motion can be registered.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the wave theory of light, which considered light as waves in the Aether medium, began to prevail significantly in physics. Thomas Young proved that light interference has a wave nature, and Augustin-Jean Fresnel demonstrated purely wave effects of light with a series of ingenious experiments.

Nevertheless, there was no key experiment in physics that would clearly prove the existence of an Aether medium. As soon as the interferometer was invented, James Clerk Maxwell proposed a scheme for a key experiment on registering the Aether medium, and Albert Michelson put this scheme into practice. However, the experiment did not show the expected results. Later, Albert Michelson and Edward Morley repeated the experiment several times with increasing accuracy, but the result was invariably negative. 

Later, Dayton Clarence Miller tried to register the Aether medium by conducting a series of experiments under various conditions, but the result was also negative. Nevertheless, not everything was so clear, because there were no experiments disproving the existence of an Aether medium.

New (more savvy) experiments on the registration of the Aether medium


In 1981, AESPACE Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr. Ivanov Dsc carefully analyzed the experiments of Albert Michelson, which were conducted in 1881-1887. From the point of view of Dr. Ivanov’s new theory of wave mechanics called Rhythmodynamics, the negative results of Michelson’s experiment were explained very simply – with the help of a new physical phenomenon “standing wave compression”.

That is, from the perspective of the new theory of Dr. Ivanov Dsc, the model of any physical body is a structure in the form of oscillating atoms, between which electromagnetic standing waves are formed.

When a body moves in space at a certain speed, standing waves are compressed between oscillating atoms in the crystal lattice of the physical body, which causes a reduction in the size of the physical body itself.

Essentially, due to the fact that there is a synchronous reduction in the size of the interferometer itself when it moves in space, it is fundamentally impossible to register the phase shift of the rays in the interferometer.

This hypothesis was put forward at the time by Hendrik Lorenz, but he did not have experimental evidence for his assumption, which much later appeared in the theory of AESPACE Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr. Ivanov Dsc. 

When analyzing Albert Michelson’s experiments, a logical question arose – is it possible to change the scheme of the experiment with the interferometer in such a way as to somehow “de-synchronize the system” (elements of the interferometer itself and its rays) and still register the phase shift of the interferometer rays?

It turned out that it was possible. Thus, in 2017, experiments were conducted with a new type of interferometer, which, unlike Albert Michelson’s experiments, showed a positive result and a clear dependence of the displacement of the interference fringes on changes in the speed of the system (acceleration and deceleration). This experiment also confirmed the hypothesis of synchronous reduction in the size of the interferometer according to the model ideas of Dr. Ivanov Dsc.

That is, it was found that in order to obtain a phase shift of the rays in the interferometer, it is necessary to temporarily “de-synchronize” the system and this can only be done when the speed rate of the system changes (at the time of acceleration or deceleration of the system).

In 2023, based on the theoretical analysis of the 2017 experiments, AESPACE Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr. Ivanov Dsc created a fundamentally new type of interferometer, which already in a static position demonstrated its own absolute motion in the Aether medium. A number of experiments were carried out and clear dependencies were found in the behavior of interference fringes on the speed and direction of movement of the interferometer.

It turned out that a new type of interferometer can show its own speed and direction in an Aether medium. It became clear that this effect could be applied in a revolutionary navigation device that uses the most reliable reference point in the Universe – the Aether medium.

Our research paper on new experiments on registration of the Aether medium, published in the scientific peer-reviewed journal “Innovations and Investments”

The connection between physics and ancient symbols – what we discovered along the way


During the experimental work, we had to create a special software for modeling some wave processes called “Wave Geometry”. Imagine our surprise when, modeling certain wave processes in this program, we discovered some ancient symbols that have been known on planet Earth for thousands of years. 

In this regard, we have created a small popular science film about this amazing discovery.