Purpose and basis of the project

  • Development and creation of fuel-less propulsion systems to be utilized for correction of satellite orbits;
  • Development and creation of fundamentally new technical devices for space-travel and near-earth airspace;

The basis is the previously unknown dependence of a system’s velocity on the phase shift between the oscillating elements which it is composed of.

Relevance of the problem and statement of the task

In space, the main method of obtaining propulsive force is reactive. This method has a low efficiency and requires exorbitant amounts of fuel. The weight of the fuel is not only the main limiting factor for the service life of satellites both in geostationary and other orbits but it also is the main limiting factor when traveling to other planets.

It is necessary to find a way to obtain propulsive force which would minimize a technical devices’ dependence on non-renewable energy.

This independence of spacecraft from traditional fuel will open up new opportunities for the exploration of our Solar system.

Description of tasks proposed to be solved within the project

A new type of propulsion system for space-travel was predicted and developed within the framework of the new scientific direction “Rhythmodynamics”. We conducted a number of field experiments with active and passive wave sources, the analysis of which pointed to the need to continue these experiments in a space vacuum.

Assessment of the importance of tasks solved in the project

It is known that there are no filling stations in space, so technical devices that do not need a working mass (fuel) will not only give additional degrees of freedom and expand opportunities, but also change ideas about how to move in space.

In the end, if you choose the proposed path of development, it will lead to a gradual replacement of the fleet of devices that need traditional roads. Also, civilization will receive high-speed, highly maneuverable manned aircraft and spacecraft. In terms of space exploration, flight time will be reduced by using non-ballistic trajectories.

There are three main ways of producing jet thrust: traditional chemical, ion and nuclear. Other fundamentally new options are not offered: the limiting factor is the existing paradigm in science.

The solution found and proposed by us goes beyond the mentioned paradigm, and therefore has no competition.

The result of this project will be the operation of aircraft and spacecraft capable of moving in space with high speeds and non-ballistic trajectories. In other words, in the future, it will be possible to get rid of inertial properties.

The country, which owns a new aircraft and spacecraft, becomes the leader on the planet. All technical devices standing on the step below, loses any advantage.