Purpose and basis of the project

  • Development and creation of a navigation device that does not require GPS, GLONASS or mobile networks for positioning;

The idea for this project stems from the scientific discoveries which led to the registration of an absolute velocity in the physical vacuum (ether).

Relevance of the problem and task statement

Today, the primary method of terrestrial navigation is by satellite. To implement this method, it is necessary to maintain dozens of satellites in the Earth’s orbit in working condition. This is economically costly and quite burdensome.

It is necessary to find a method of navigation which enables the navigation device to be completely autonomous. In other words, we must eliminate the technical devices’ dependence on external communication systems such as satellites or mobile networks.

This prospect opens up many new opportunities in the field of navigation. In particular, such devices can be used under water and underground.

Also, the new navigation system could be used on any planet of the Solar system. Our navigation system will calculate the geographical locations of certain planets and determine its own location from this data.

Description of tasks proposed to be solved within the project

A new type of navigation device was predicted and developed within the framework of the new scientific direction called “Rhythmodynamics”. We conducted a number of field experiments using laser interferometry, the analysis of which pointed to the need to continue these experiments in order to establish more accurate parametric data.

As a result of these experiments, we also made a scientific discovery about the possibility of registering our own velocity in the physical vacuum (ether).

There are two primary modes of navigation: via satellite systems and mobile communication. Other fundamentally new options are not offered: the limiting factor is the existing paradigm in science.

The solution found and proposed by us goes beyond the mentioned paradigm, and therefore has no competition.

The result of this project will be the creation of working navigation devices that can determine their own location – both under water and underground. This will be possible because our navigation devices will not depend on external communication devices – satellites and mobile networks.

Private companies or government organizations that own navigation devices of a new level are becoming technology leaders. All navigation devices standing on a step below, lose any advantage.