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AESPACE - aether technologies for the future on earth and in outer space


Aether navigation technology opens up opportunities for very reliable and fully autonomous navigation without the use of satellites, mobile networks, ground-based radio navigation systems and other auxiliary devices.

This revolutionary navigation system has no competitors and can be used in industries such as:

  • Automotive industry;
  • Airplanes;
  • Merchant shipping;
  • UAV drone industry;
  • Military industrial complex;
  • Space industry..

The total market for navigation systems is more than 200 billion USD, and our system will be able to occupy it. At the same time, all existing navigation systems based on satellite operation, such as GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, as well as radio navigation systems, will lose their advantage and be obsolete.

It will be something similar to when flash drives appeared, after a while laser CDs disappeared, since flash drives are much faster in speed, easier and more convenient to use.

If we describe in simple words the operation of the Aether navigation system (AENAVS), we could say the following: you take the Aether navigation device in your hand and can find out your location in the city, forest, mountains, underground, underwater, in caves, as well as in outer space and on any planet of the Solar system. Everywhere you want.

At the same time, no auxiliary devices such as satellites, mobile networks, radio navigation systems, etc. are needed. The device is completely independent and calculates its parameters through interaction with the wave (Aether) medium, which theoretically permeates the entire Universe.

Business model


Our business model assumes the start of production and sales of Aether navigation systems (AENAVS) as soon as we create the first working prototype of the device. At the same time, it is possible to produce navigation modules of Aether navigation systems (AENAVS) of any size, both miniature for use in a smartphone, and larger for use in airplanes, submarines, etc.

Intellectual property and patents


The key trade secrets of the Aether navigation system (AENAVS) consist in the scheme of the main interferometric device underlying the Aether navigation system and in methods for deciphering the parameters of the interference pattern.

AESPACE is preparing several patent applications for a method of registering the direction and speed of movement in space through a wave (Aether) medium.



AESPACE is a cutting-edge company working in the field of breakthrough technologies and is at the seed stage. AESPACE is developing a new autonomous navigation system based on new physical principles.

To date, AESPACE has funded its growth and development mainly through a series of private investments. In the near future, it is planned that AESPACE will enter the list of Unicorn companies and actively increase its capitalization.

The situation with investments in AESPACE revolutionary navigation system is very similar to the situation with the development of semiconductors.

Those investors who participated in the development of the first semiconductor devices in the 1940-1950 years eventually earned billions of dollars on various computer technologies that still use semiconductor technologies at their core.