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Meet Our Cutting-Edge Team

Professional & Enthusiastic

Rogan Mo

Founder and Chairman, CEO (Global)

Rogan Mo has more than 15 years of experience in technology landing industrialization, and superb insight into the marketability of cutting-edge technologies. 

He has enough proven ability to bring breakthrough technologies to the partners involved in the investment to bring the opportunity to change the lives of people around the world. Know how to establish a bridge between investors and world scientific and technical experts. 

He has a strong passion for translating science and technology into real world solutions to make a difference in peoples’ lives, especially in space and breakthrough future techs. 

Rogan Mo strongly believes our world or human civilization sometimes can only be changed by some genius scientists, founders and investors with extraordinary foresight in the future.

Gavin Ho

Co-Founder, CEO of Asian Territory

Mr. Gavin Ho has a wealth of contacts in Asian countries, regions and local governments. He always focuses on the activities of making people’s life better through his hard work. 

He has served as the Vice Chairman of the Charity Manch Han Banquet of Enlightenment who focus on the donation of the fund for Free treatment to Chinese children suffering from cataracts, and for the past 10 years, nearly 30,000 children have regained their sight as a result. 

He serves as Chairman of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Trade and Industry Association (www.hcfsme.org) – High Technology Development Committee and Chairman of the 2022-2024 Los Angeles International Arts Festival (www.thebeverlyarts.com) – Beverly Arts Hong Kong and Macau Regional Executive Committee. 

He also serves as an ambassador for cross-strait cultural exchanges between China Mainland and Taiwan. In the March, 2024, Mr. Ho joined the AESPACE as Co-Founder. 

Maxim Bronevsky

Co-Founder, President of Technology

Maxim Bronevsky has been engaged in engineering activities for more than 17 years and scientific activities for more than 9 years. 

On the basis of his experience, great interest in scientific Aether theories and cutting-edge Aether technologies, Maxim joined research team led by AESPACE Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr. Ivanov Dsc

He participated in the preparation for some experiments and helped write several research articles. 

He is able to find non-standard and savvy technical solutions in difficult situations. Maxim is confident that breakthrough technologies will help to quickly organize space tourism in the Solar system and completely change the human civilization for the best.

Also he strongly believes that it is not politicians, but leading scientists of the Earth who should create goals, strategy and a vector of development for the human civilization.

Alexander Nemkov

Co-Founder, Director of Technology

Alexander Nemkov has been a sound and acoustic engineer for over 30 years. He has been actively interested and engaged in science for more than 10 years and independently conducts experiments with sound waves. 

He conducted several experiments with standing sound waves and electrostatic forces to obtain new physical effects. 

Based on his experimental experience and working with standing sound waves, Alexander joined research team led by AESPACE Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr. Ivanov Dsc. 

One of his strong qualities as a engineer and researcher is an unconventional view of physical processes and the ability to come up with very savvy ideas for experiments that show phenomenal results.

Alexander sincerely believes that with the proper research approach, humanity will soon be able to develop breakthrough technologies that works on new physical principles and considers it a valuable challenge for which its worth making efforts.