In one of his well-known lectures, Richard Feynman famously put forward the question, “If, in some cataclysm, all of the scientific knowledge were to be destroyed, and only one sentence (could be) passed on to the next generation of creatures, what statement would contain the most information in the fewest words?”

Itʼs an important question but letʼs think about it in a different way for a moment. What if the civilizations that came before us already asked this question? Would conventional words be a very efficient way to encode systemic technical information for the ‘next generation of creaturesʼ?

How in the world would we expect anyone to understand any sentence, given that our language might become completely lost in some cataclysm?

Here is virtually the only way to solve the problem;

Richard Feynman

1) Encode the information as a set of symbols which correspond to the visually perceptible physical phenomenon that you consider as the most important.

2) Donʼt just inscribe the symbols anywhere; literally, set them in stone on gigantic, impressive and long lasting monuments to get the intelligent ‘creaturesʼ attention and incorporate them into sacred texts.

The sheer grandness of certain monuments and the ubiquity of certain symbols have made religious fanatical dummies think that they correspond to the sacred and untouchable God-divine.

Not only this though because archeologists fight for grant money to study the ruins and the languages, and then come theologists to expound on religious theories about the symbols, not to mention the fact that countries even turn certain sites into a source of income by charging tourists just to lay their eyes on them.

In this way, the symbols have become meaningful at many levels of human consciousness evolution.

If you think of it, itʼs a genius plan. The very same symbols become meaningful to many stratified layers of human evolution, turning the symbols into something like tentacles that wrap around the human psyche. Effectively, certain sacred symbols become unshakeable from human memory.

The team that I work with as well as I, are of the consciousness evolution of open-minded physicists and so we see value in these so-called sacred symbols in our own way.

These are the kinds of questions we ask ourselves when we see symbols like the Yin and Yang, the Swastika, the Kolovrat (double swastika), and so on;

  • If these symbols represent concrete physical processes, something like Feynmanʼs ‘cataclysm sentenceʼ, which physical processes do they represent?
  • Can we simulate the processes using the known laws of physics?
  • Why would the ancients have thought that these processes were important?

In other words, could we decode the cataclysm sentence if it already existed?

We think we can and weʼve already started. Watch our video below and subscribe for more!

P.S.: This article is written purely for educational purposes for open-minded people, who want to understand the many mysteries of our Universe.

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