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General FAQs


AESPACE is a company that deals with breakthrough technologies based on the wave (Aether) medium. AESPACE sure that revolutionary technological development of mankind precisely in the development of so-called Aether technologies.

The company was founded by a group of people from the scientific and investment areas who thinks over the horizon and perfectly understand that the great future of mankind lies behind Aether technologies. Since Aether technologies allow us to change many areas of human life in a fundamental way.

What are breakthrough technologies?

Breakthrough technologies are technologies of a new level that radically change many areas of human life and raise the technological development to a fundamentally new level. In short, these are the technologies that create a major breakthrough in the entire civilization.

What is AENAVS?

AENAVS is a trade name and abbreviation of the AEther NAVigation System. The operation of this navigation system is based on a wave (Aether) medium.

What do you call a wave (Aether) medium?

By the wave (Aether) medium, we mean an invisible and intangible material medium that theoretically permeates the entire Universe, has specific physical properties and is a bearer of electromagnetic waves. The word Aether comes from the word "ethereal", which means intangible, non-substantial. Indeed, this medium is invisible and intangible to us and it can only be registered with the help of some technical devices. Many modern physicists are well aware that the space vacuum is not an empty space and it is filled with some kind of unknown thing that has real physical properties.

As suggested pairs of virtual particles and antiparticles are constantly being born and disappearing in a vacuum — constant fluctuations of the fields associated with these particles occur. In particular, fluctuations in the electromagnetic field associated with photons. Virtual photons corresponding to all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum are born and disappear in a vacuum. This state of vacuum is defined as a "physical vacuum". In principle, some physical effects cannot be explained without the participation of a physical vacuum.

The wave (Aether) medium is most likely one of the components of the physical vacuum. In our research team, we call it "wave medium", because this medium is a bearer of electromagnetic waves. But we also use its old name, which was popular among physicists of the 19th century - the Aether medium or just Aether. Until now, there have been no qualitative experiments that could register a wave (Aether) medium. Although there were many attempts, especially in the 19th century.

We managed to experimentally register a wave (Aether) medium and realized that using some properties of this medium we can create a revolutionary navigation method that has not yet been on Earth.

What is Aether navigation?

This is a new way of navigation based on obtaining data about our location through a wave (Aether) medium. The method has a number of powerful advantages over existing navigation methods. The main one is complete independence from auxiliary systems such as satellites, mobile networks, radio navigation systems, etc. This method also allows for accurate navigation both on Earth, in outer space and on the planets of the Solar system.

How Aether navigation system works?

As a result of experiments with interferometers of a special type, we have established that the Solar system and the planet Earth move in a wave (Aether) medium with great speed. It also turned out that our interferometric devices can register the absolute and relative velocity, as well as the direction of movement in a wave (Aether) medium. As a result, we've got an idea - why not use this experimental effect to create a higher-level navigation system.

After all, knowing our own speed and direction of movement in space, we can calculate our location, which we can do with the help of the most reliable reference point in the Universe - the wave (Aether) medium.

What scientific theory underlies the operation of the Aether navigation system?

The work of the Aether navigation system is based on the theory of AESPACE Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Ivanov DSc. This theory represents new foundations of wave mechanics that were previously unknown. Our experimental work at the moment suggests that Dr. Ivanov's theory is correct. In short, this theory allows us to understand how it is possible to neutralize some compensating effects and register 100% our own motion in a wave (Aether) medium. And then use this effect to create an Aether navigation system.

Why will the Aether navigation system be more reliable than existing navigation systems?

The fact is that the Aether navigation system relies on a very reliable reference point - the wave (Aether) medium. This medium theoretically permeates the entire Universe, and therefore, knowing some of the properties of this medium, we can use this principle of navigation not only on Earth, but also anywhere in space and on the planets of the Solar system.

That is, we have in our hands an essentially universal navigation system that works everywhere, unlike the satellite navigation systems. The Aether navigation system will work indoors, in tunnels, underground, underwater, everywhere. In addition, it cannot be jammed by electromagnetic warfare, since it does not use satellites, which certainly gives a powerful military advantage.

What are the prospects for the Aether navigation systems?

The prospects for the Aether navigation systems are very serious, since this navigation technology outperforms all existing navigation systems. The main advantages are complete independence from third-party systems such as satellites and the ability to work anywhere on Earth, outer space and planets of the Solar system.

With the implementation of Aether navigation systems, all existing navigation systems will lose their advantage and become obsolete. Here we can draw an analogy with the development of computer technology. The first generation of computers worked on the basis of vacuum tubes. But when semiconductors were invented, they completely replaced vacuum tubes in computer industry, as they had a number of serious advantages.

We can also give an analogy with the situation when flash drives appeared, after a while laser CDs disappeared, since flash drives are much faster in speed, easier and more convenient to use.

The same thing will happen with Aether navigation systems - they will drive out of the market all currently existing navigation systems.

If Aether does exist, will it have its own density? If the answer is yes, will the different location will has different density of Aether in Space and Earth?

This is a very good question, but in order to answer it, we first need to decide within which model of Aether we consider the term "density of Aether". There are several models of Aether, where the Aether medium is considered as an analogue of a gas, liquid, and even a solid, and in this case we can talk about the density of the Aether medium.

Theoretically, if we proceed from the fact that the speed of light is very high, and the bearer of light waves is an Aether medium and at the same time consider the Aether medium as material substance by analogy with a gas or liquid, then we can assume that the Aether medium is really some kind of superdense medium.

But so far we do not have clear experimental evidence of whether the Aether medium is similar to a gas or liquid and whether it has its own density. It is quite possible that the Aether medium is radically different in its structure from any physical media we are familiar with.

Therefore, there is no clear-cut answer yet. That is, there is no experimental evidence yet that the Aether medium either has its own density or does not have its own density. The question remains open. So far, we have experimentally established one of the main properties of the Aether medium - that it is a carrier of electromagnetic waves. And we can use this property of the Aether medium for new way of navigation.

Will the natural phenomenon or weather will affect the density of Aether? Suchs as thunderstorm, earthquake, volcano eruption, etc?

We have already answered about the density of Aether. If we rephrase the question "Do natural phenomena or weather create disturbances in the Aether medium that can negatively affect navigation?", then so far we have not observed this.

Theoretically, the Aether medium itself cannot be influenced by natural phenomena, weather, etc., since it is a medium of a non-substance nature. Usually, the electromagnetic waves themselves are affected when electromagnetic waves of the same frequency and amplitude are created by some natural phenomenon and this creates interference. But this usually happens only in the radio-frequency range. In the optical range, where frequencies are much higher, there is no such problem anymore.

For example, a ray of light shining from a lighthouse, retains its direction and speed in bad weather. This is also evidenced by fiber-optic lines that work under any natural phenomena and provide high-speed communication throughout the Earth today.

Our Aether navigation device operates in the optical range and therefore natural or weather phenomena will not affect it in any way.

Can this AENAVS can be used for indoor dead reckoning? Like accurrately position itself in under ground and above ground in a large shopping mall, underground subway, etc large and complicated three-dimensional space (esspecially in such situation without WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS.)?

In our experiments, we proceed from the fact that the Aether medium is stationary and non-entrained, that is, rigidly fixed in space as a kind of roughly speaking grid. In this situation, it should provide us with sufficiently accurate data and not accumulate errors, as less advanced inertial navigation systems do.

With our interferometric instrument, we can measure our absolute, relative velocity and direction of movement in the Aether medium. Accordingly, we can calculate our location in dynamics. It's just that if we want to calculate our location inside a huge ground or underground building, subway, etc., then we will need to link the structure of the building or structure in advance to our coordinate grid.

At the moment, the locations of many ground-based buildings and structures are already known and special maps have been created where this reference to coordinates is available. We will only need to put these available maps into our device and correlate them.

If the coordinates of the object are unknown, for example, we need to find out our location inside a huge underground complex. Then it will be enough to take an Aether navigation device and walk with it through some part of the complex, record our route in the device and then superimpose this route on the scheme of the complex itself.

After that, it will be possible to move through this huge underground complex and determine where we are in the complex (on the third floor by the elevator, on the second floor by the main staircase, etc.).