Our scientific discoveries and experiments

From 1990 to 2017, our team, in cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Institute of Rhythmodynamics and headed by doctor of science Yuri N. Ivanov, conducted a number of experiments and made a number of scientific discoveries that point to new engineering prospects in terms of the development of engineering and technology.

Scientific articles were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. At the moment, for the development of new model concepts in science, it would be desirable for independent research laboratories in different parts of the planet to repeat our experiments and confirm a number of physical phenomena that we discovered earlier.


Standing waves compression

The physical phenomenon that was discovered in 1990. Explains many processes in the movement of material bodies in the space of wave media, including in physical vacuum (ether).

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Propulsion due to phase shift between oscillating sources

The experiment, which was conducted in 1997 and 2015. It allows to organize the propulsive force in any wave media in a principally new way - through the interaction of a material object with the wave medium.

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Registration of absolute velocity in the electromagnetic Ether

The experiment, which was delivered in 2017. Shows - how to register your own movement and determine the velocity of movement in the physical vacuum (ether).

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