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What has already been done:


In 2015-2017, AESPACE Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr. Ivanov Dsc and our team conducted a series of experiments with interferometers of a special design, taking into account the phenomenon of “standing wave compression” and the theoretical errors of Michelson, Miller and other researchers, and obtained results that showed both the presence of an Aether (wave) medium and the ability to register its own motion in this medium. As a result of the experiments, a research article was published in one of the leading Russian peer-reviewed journals “Innovations and Investments”.

During 2023, a new interferometer was created, which is a more advanced model and is free from the disadvantages of interferometers of previous designs, as well as easy to use. 

Experiments that have been conducted since the end of 2023 to this day show that with the help of a new design device, we can clearly register our own motion in an Aether (wave) medium and use this medium as the main reference point when determining our own location in space.

That is, based on the new interferometric device, it is possible to create a completely autonomous navigation device of a new type working on a new physical principles without the need to use GPS satellite systems, mobile networks and other auxiliary systems to determine our own location.

Since the project is of a venture nature, so taking into account the theoretical and experimental work already carried out, the probability of creating a new full-fledged Aether navigation device is more than 90%.

What R&D work awaits us ahead:


In order to conduct the first experiments at a higher quality level and get closer to the commercialization of new navigation devices, it is necessary to create a new, higher-quality experimental interferometric installation using new materials, the sensitivity of which will be reduced to the required level and make careful adjustments to obtain clearer interferometric parameters. 

Careful setup and debugging of the installation will reduce interferometric noise and will allow us to register the necessary interferometric signals, and then translate these signals using certain mathematical algorithms into a coordinate system along the X,Y,Z axes. 

After that, it will be possible to calculate the location of the device in space, which will lead to the creation of the first working prototype of the Aether navigation system working on a new physical principles and ready for commercialization.