Who We Are

We’re an international group of experimental and theoretical physicists using the breakthrough work Rhythmodynamics (RD) in order to design and test fundamentally new forms of propulsion and energy creation.

To make the design-test process easier, we use and are constantly developing a software program based on the insights of this important work written by our scientific team leader, Yuri N. Ivanov. With a tip of the hat to David Bohm and following in the wake of Louis de Broglie, Hendrik Lorentz, and others, Rhythmodynamics (RD) returns today’s physics to classical mechanics but at a qualitatively higher level.

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The Goals of our Research

The Universe is a harsh wilderness and our survival is truly precarious. This is the starting point for the vector of fundamental research, the research that matters the most given this inescapable fact. What is the point of this fundamental research and our related experiments?

Fundamental research is obliged to provide us with knowledge about the Universe that would allow for mankind’s survival in space under any circumstances, even if the planet becomes uninhabitable.

Essentially, we are helping to lay the necessary ground work that will be required in order to create a successful space-faring human civilization. We consider rocket-propulsion, i.e. achieving motion by expelling a reactive mass, to be a totally insufficient and inefficient way to tackle this fundamental problem: an uphill battle.

Our work is primarily dedicated to designing and building non-reactive means of propulsion and creating energy devices that work by precisely altering phase-frequency principles between active oscillators in an electromagnetic standing wave system. We are developing an advanced software program that will design the types of devices that will be absolutely crucial to humanity’s survival in the coming decades.

Overcoming the Obstacles

We are managing to side-step the following obstacles by receiving support from like-minded thinkers and researchers, physics educators, and advanced and enthusiastic laymen, one by one.

Our main obstacles are still these:


> The same obstacle that has stood in the way of scientific progress throughout the ages – a crystallized scientific paradigm upheld by “big science”, and the corresponding interim scientific theories that have overstayed their welcome.

> Big science’s cousin and Bully In Chief, “big industry” have already created a powerful yet completely one-dimensional infra-structure for burning fossil fuels. Truly, they have convinced the masses that this is the only way.

> Governments do not support our work; they’re opportunistic puppets for big industry. Effectively, the governments have disenfranchised their own people by ignoring the basic needs of the population and the planetary ecosystem at every level.

Again, we can’t help but notice that these obstacles practically vanish when we receive support from people like you. Click here to support our work.

Meet the Team

Chu Hao Shen

CEO and Chairman

Rogan Mo

Chief Technology Planning Officer

Alexander Nemkov

Senior Laboratory Assistant

Yuri N. Ivanov

Chief Scientific Officer, D.Sc.

Maxim Bronevsky

Chief Operating Officer

Vladimir Stepanov

Head of IT Department

Dmitri Kozhevnikov

Head of Laboratory

Alexei Menedes

USA and Europe Branch Manager

Main projects

A fundamentally new way of moving in space, without rockets

Development of a non-reactive method of obtaining a propulsive force for moving in space and near-earth space.

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A method for navigation without using GPS, GLONASS or mobile networks

Conducting research and further development and creation of a navigation device that does not require GPS, GLONASS or mobile communication for navigating.

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